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Number of participants attending training

Most courses have been designed for between 10 and 14 participants and, as a result of the highly interactive nature of our training, a maximum of 20 participants can normally be accommodated. In some cases larger numbers can however be provided for.
Entry requirements
English is the preferred medium of training and the entry requirement for our training is literate persons with a working understanding of English. If necessary, we can arrange for the training to be conducted in a range of other languages. Please click here for more information.
It is normally necessary for the client to arrange the training venue, which must be able to comfortably seat all participants in a horseshoe (‘U’-shape) configuration. It typically needs to have two flipcharts and a light projector (‘proxima’) and screen for power point presentations. The training room itself needs to be large enough to accommodate two breakaway groups and for some courses at least one additional breakaway room is essential. Training at an off-site venue is generally more conducive to learning as interruptions are fewer.
We generally commence at 09:00 and finish between 16:30 and 17:00 each day.
Training/Facilitation Costs
Please click here to contact us for our fee structure.
Assignments outside South Africa
For assignments outside South Africa, a minimum deposit of 50% is payable ten working days before commencement of the assignment.
Reductions and retainers
A rate discounted by 10% applies in cases where two or more facilitators are required, as well as in cases of retainer arrangements of a minimum of two days per month for a period of at least twenty-four months.
BEE considerations
We are BEE compliant and with the exception of a few individuals with exceptional skills and experience, all our South African associates are typically sole proprietors of South African BEE companies.
A fee of 100% applies if the assignment is cancelled or postponed within seven working days of its due date of commencement and 50% if it is cancelled or postponed within seven to fourteen working days of its commencement. Unless otherwise agreed, cancellations or postponements made longer in advance, will be invoiced at 25% of the standard fee. All costs incurred will be for the client's account.
All intellectual property, including copyright, material/information/documents generated and/or reports submitted to the client vest in the facilitators who will be able to freely use such intellectual property.
Payment is due on presentation of invoice. Terms: 30 (thirty) days maximum. Interest at 2% per month is charged on all overdue accounts.
Client confidentiality is guaranteed.

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